Clothes consignment

Since 2013, I have consigned over $600 of clothing on ThredUP. It is a great way to earn a few bucks for gently used moderately priced brands (J. Crew, Gap, etc.). Here’s a list of brands they accept. I’ve sent my clothes, maternity clothes, baby clothes, old purses, etc.

Just signup for an account and order a “CLEAN OUT” kit. thredup.png

  • You’ll receive a bag in the mail.
  • Fill it with any gently used, recent items.
  • Add the prepaid return label.
  • And send back via USPS.
  • Note: they now charge a small fee per bag of $9.99 and you can choose whether you’d like to donate your payout or receive cash.

I tried several online consignment shops (Twice, ThredUP, etc) and more recently ThredUP is the easiest to use. And any items they don’t accept are donated to local charities.


Why I use ThredUP?

I hate throwing things away, especially things that are in good condition. With ThredUP, I know someone else is using these items and they’re not going directly into a landfill.

It’s also so easy to get a bag in the mail. My twins are outgrowing clothes at a rapid clip and it makes it easy for me to declutter especially at the start and end of each season.


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