The Ambition Interviews

A very timely read for me — if you’re thinking about choices you’ve made related to you career, your marriage, and motherhood, read this article from The Atlantic now:

What Happens to Women’s Ambitions in the Years After College

This excerpt from the 2nd series in the article above resonated with me a lot:

Of the women we interviewed for this project, our Highest Achievers (women who are C-Suite-adjacent or recognized in their fields) have ascended to that level in part because they’re cool with not having it all: For them, being a physically present parent was not their number-one priority. Some don’t have kids, others have husbands who are the caregivers-in-chief, and others manage by outsourcing to nannies for carpools and making lunches. Instead, the women still chasing the having-it-all dream are the group we’re calling the Scale Backers—13 women who dialed down high-powered careers to simultaneously be full-time mothers and workers. And in the process of downsizing, they became, ironically, the most stressed-out of our subjects, attempting to do everything well, but feeling like they excelled at none of it.

Sometimes I consider, why am I so happy with my job and my life? Why don’t I feel any guilt when I’m working late or traveling to São Paulo for a 3-day business trip?

I know many people will judge me for being the way that I am — everyone is different and I can only be the best version of myself when I’m true to my own personal motivations.


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